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Kristian Touborg, Moritz Wegwerth

"Hope for the Future in the Age of Excess"

“AI will play a big role in the future in art, which makes the analogue even more important than it is today, reminding us that we are humans.” Kristian Touborg and Moritz Wegwerth discuss the present and future of digital life—and suggest a compelling case for art to hold on to analogue techniques.

Words by Emily Steer in Elephant Magazine



Tom Howse
Group Show
On The Home Front
1st June - 1st July, 2018
KANT - Copenhagen, Denmark



Erin Lawlor
Group Show
L'Echappée Belle
24th May - 24th June, 2018
Galerie Pauline Pavec - Paris, France



Tom Howse
Group Show
John Moores Painting Prize
14th July - 18th November, 2018
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK